Top U.S. Destinations for Pet-Friendly Travel

Are you desperate to get away for a vacation, but you have a pet that needs to be taken care of? Why not take your pet along with you? Around 40% of the people in America have dogs in their households while 34% have cats. Luckily, many cities have a place for human’s best furry friend in hotels, parks, and beaches. Any pet-friendly city or town you travel to first requires restaurants and hotels, open space for pets to roam around, good vets, and an active lifestyle. Here are the most pet-friendly destinations in the U.S.:

1. Disney World
Disney World has hundreds of attractions like Universal Studios, Sea World, etc. They have 50 million tourists in a year. They have two-legged and four-legged guests and local accommodation. You can take your pet to the Space Mountain. Many theme parks have a place where you can keep your pet while you enjoy the attraction. Disney boats of five kennels at Fort Wilderness, Animal Kingdom Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom. They also have a pet resort with luxury suites and a doggy day camp.

2. Orlando
Orlando boasts of many pet-friendly hotels to visit while traveling, especially Royal Pacific Resort and Loews Portofino Bay hotel. The Loews has a program called Loews Loves pets where the pet gets VIP treatment like walking service, room service, and menu, treats, toys, and special bedding. They also offer a service called Puppy Pager, which calls you immediately if your pet is in trouble. In 2006, the Governor of Orlando had passed a law stating that the dog could sit with the owners while they are dining at outdoor eateries.

3. Colorado
Colorado is a large, quaint state with incredible scenery but has a small-town charm. They have ample outdoor space and are on the top of the list of pet-friendly cities to travel to. They have over 40 square kilometers of seven dedicated dog parks, public parks. Places like Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Bear Creek Nature Center, and Red Rock Canyon are pet-friendly travel locations where pets can roam without being leashed. Another attraction is Colorado Springs, which has many vets and pet-centered businesses. They have many hotels that spoil the pets, like the Broadmoor Hotel at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain, which has a golf course, fitness center, and spa. They offer treats, food bowls. and special bedding for your furry friends. The 70 miles of white sandy beaches is an ideal place for your pet to enjoy. The dogs can roam without a leash. The pet-friendly Ocean Villa Inn provides rooms with a patio and a communal yard. The dog can get treats at the Terra restaurant at Hillcrest community, which has peanut butter, doggy ice creams, doggy birthday cakes, gourmet sausages, and puppy pizzas. They also have doggy themed events and an Annual Dog Days of Summer.

4. New York City
New York cannot be far behind as the city that never sleeps and has many activities for pets. There are many pet-friendly hotels that you can find while traveling. Soho Grand Hotel offers a pet goldfish to give you company if you have left your pet back home. Muse hotel offers a package for small dogs called pampered Pooch. The only doggy playground in New York is Canine court with an obstacle course.