Top Inexpensive Camera Smartphones

When it comes to smartphones, they have advanced in every aspect over the last few years. Smartphones can do almost anything, making phone calls, capturing pictures, recording high definition videos, and browsing the web. Out of all the features, the one that has improved the most is the camera. With the technologies like image stabilization, larger sensors, better lenses, images have become so good that one day a DSLR camera could be obsolete.

Herein, we take a look at some of the best camera smartphones that are cheap and have great camera quality.

1. Honor 8X
The Honor 8X is a brilliant phone when it comes to mid-budget ranged phones. The phone has got decent features for its price and looks way more premium for the dollars paid. The phone has a dual camera that can click decent photos during day time and surprisingly even at night (thanks to the excellent night mode camera). The phone may not have a great second camera making the bokeh effect less impressive and the AI can be a bit frustrating in detecting the scenes, but for the price range, we must agree that Honor 8X is a smartphone second to none.

2. Honor Play
Honor got it right again when it comes to the best budget camera smartphones by introducing their Honor play. Although focusing on the gaming aspects of the phone, it can also take some very good photos and has a very good display. The battery capacity is excellent and the AI does show some real great processing capacity. One can even shoot 4K videos with stabilization making it one of the best camera smartphones in its price range.

3. Nokia 7.1
Once a pioneer when it came to the best camera smartphones, and with the introduction of 7.1, Nokia has shown that it has still got some cards in its pocket when it comes to budget phones. The 7.1 has an excellent display with a dual camera. Boasting the ZEISS lens, this phone can capture some really good photographs and can record videos at 4k quality. In the dynamic tech race if one isn’t too loyal about the brand, then 7.1 is a must-buy for smartphones at this range.

4. Nokia 6.1
Like the 7.1, Nokia’s 6.1 is also a great camera that also boasts a ZEISS lens. Low light can be a bit disappointing but when it comes to shooting videos in 4k at decent light, but 6.1 is a great deal for the price it comes for. The front camera also does a great job of clicking selfies.

5. Huawei P Smart
For people who constantly share images on social media, this phone might be the best budget camera smartphone. On bright light this phone can recreate exact colors but when inside the photos can be a little off. The phone offers 1080p videos shooting capacity at 30 and 60 fps with no stabilization hence videos can be a bit shaky. The depth sensor is very good at making the phone capable of clicking some amazing portrait photos with bokeh effect.