Top Healthy Store-Bought Cat Treats

If you’re in search of healthy cat treats that you can purchase in store or online, then you’re in luck. THe following is a list of healthy cat treats and popular products, as preferred by pet owners. Not only are they healthy, but even the fussiest of felines love them. Plus, they provide the right nutrients for a growing kitty’s needs:

1. Tundra Freeze-Dried Cat Treats by ORIJEN
One of the best healthy cat treats available in the market is the highly rated Orijen Tundra. The product has soft and small treats that contain liver and venison. It provides a variety of nutrients that your cat needs to be healthy and fit. These freeze-dried treats have the same nutritional value as that of fresh meat.

2. Bonito Flakes 4oz. Big Bag by Cat-Man-Doo
Another highly rated product, this healthy cat treat contains fish flakes that your cat will love as a treat. It is rich in protein and low in fat, so your cat gets a balanced diet. There are no grains added in this product, and it can be used as a topper over regular cat food, thus combining food and treat. As cats love the fish smell, they will enjoy this treat for sure.

3. Dental Cat Treats by Feline Greenies™
It is one cat treat that not only provides nutrition but also helps protect your cat’s teeth by keeping them clean. This vet-recommended treat contains an optimum combination of vitamins and minerals. It is an oven-roasted snack that comes with a chicken flavor to make it more palatable for your cat.

4. Tasty Chicken Cat Treats by TEMPTATIONS™
This product is ideal for cat owners who are looking for tasty and healthy cat treats that are also easy on the pocket. This budget treat is low in calories and offers chicken-flavored snacks for your cat. The treats are made of several products, including brown rice, minerals, and added nutrients.

5. Buddy Biscuits®
This product offers tender cat treats that contain chicken. They are suitable for small kittens and large cats alike. The product uses premium chicken and does not use grains or any preservatives. It is soft and easily palatable for cats who have problems chewing. This treat can be given daily to provide the best nutrients for your cat.

6. Bone Broth by The Honest Kitchen
This treat is a powdered broth containing beef. It needs preparation before serving. To prepare, you need to add the powder to hot water and mix to create a broth. This broth can then be poured on top of regular cat food. The tasty snack provides nutrients and also enhances the taste of regular cat food. You can mix it with either dry cat food or wet cat food.

7. Proactive Hairball Treat by Iams™
This snack helps your cat get rid of troublesome hairballs. It improves digestion and comes in chicken flavor. It is soft in the center and has a crunchy outer shell, making it a treat your cat will love to eat.

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