Things to Consider When Buying Flowers Online

Flowers make the perfect gift for almost any occasion—an expression of gratitude, love, sympathy, housewarming, and many others. However, choosing the appropriate flowers for a specific occasion may be difficult for some. For instance, situations that call for an urgent bouquet or plant (i.e., a sudden death or birthday you didn’t remember) may not provide the convenience of accessing a flower shop. 

No worries, online flower delivery services that offer same-day or express flower delivery are ideal for last minute arrangements for any occasion. Yet, if you are new to ordering flowers online or through a brick and mortar florist, here are a few things to consider to get the best value for your money:

1. Pick flowers that are in season

It is essential to research which flowers are in season. The price of flowers in season usually has an affordable price tag since they are readily available. The trouble of finding flowers that are out of season means the online stores will either not offer them or boost their prices. Another reason to watch out for flowers in season is that readily available bouquets are usually at their freshest peak at delivery time.

2. Buy blooms appropriate to the occasion

To sufficiently deliver the intended message to the recipient, you have to put much thought into what the occasion calls for. Picking the proper bloom for the suitable event will precisely deliver your intended message. For instance, to express feelings of love, red roses perfectly fit the occasion. While a sympathy bouquet might be better suited to white lilies and carnations rather than a bold and colorful arrangement.

3. Look for personalized arrangements

Maybe your gift calls for more than just flowers. For instance, birthdays or congratulatory bouquets are well accompanied by balloons. While a new baby bouquet may be made complete with a stuffed bear. And of course, a Valentine’s Day rose bouquet may be made even sweeter with a box of chocolates. If you’re looking for your flowers to make a real impact, choose a florist that offers personalized bouquets. Additional gifts to accompany an arrangement will better express your feelings.

4. Look at customer service reviews

To assess whether the company you are contacting for flower delivery is reliable and trustworthy, make a point to look at the customer reviews.  Look for an online florist with high ratings on quality arrangements, customer service, and timely delivery. Also, if you’re ordering from a physical shop, ask friends and relatives for recommendations on a flower shop that delivers show stopping bouquets on time.

5. Ask the florist for recommendations

You may not be sure about the perfect flowers for an occasion; feel free to enquire from the florist on the ideal, in season blooms to order. Florists are usually experts in their work, and they will rarely mislead you. Plus, many will over-deliver when given the opportunity to create a custom bouquet.

6. Check payment options the florist offers

When ordering, particularly from a new online flower delivery service, you want to take extra precautions that your payment is safe and your personal details kept secure. Not every business you find online is trustworthy; so look for a company that offers secure online payment options, and provides a receipt to prove you made the payment.

7. Enquire about delivery policy

Every florist has different delivery policies. Some may offer same-day delivery, and other stores may require a day or two to create a personalized bouquet. If you have an urgent order, make sure you pick a florist that offers same-day or express delivery services, and again, be sure to read the online reviews from other consumers to ensure they hold up their promises.