Risks When Buying Pet Medication Online

Who does not like a good deal? The truth is that some deals sound enticing but are more trouble than they’re worth. For instance, while you can buy your pet’s medicines online, there are some websites and online pharmacies that are far from trustworthy. Sources selling pet medications are typically unreliable and often unregulated. So, what can you do to be sure you can get genuine medicines for your pets on the internet?

1. Research legitimate pharmacies
Most people are keen to buy pet medicines online to save money and also because of the convenience factor. But, you must make sure you choose only legitimate pharmacies. Quite a few sites sell unapproved medications and fake pet products. They also make false claims, dispensing pet medications without a valid prescription, sell expired medications, etc. So, when placing an order, you must check for the credibility of the company.

2. Check with your vet
While we often think we understand what is wrong with our pets, the truth is that several ailments cannot be diagnosed through mere observations. It is imperative to visit the vet so that your pet goes through comprehensive tests, lab work, and diagnostics to get an accurate diagnosis. Only then can you get a safe prescription for buying medicines.

3. Pre-screening
If you buy pet medications online, you need to be aware that there is a risk of your pet getting a harmful allergic reaction. Even a simple over-the-counter drug may trigger acute health problems if your pet has an underlying condition. So, pre-screening is one of the useful tips for buying pet medications online. It helps to be sure that you do not cause it more harm than good.

4. Price matching
One of the key reasons why pharmacies want their medicines to be distributed by a vet and not any third party is to preserve a good patient-vet relationship. Also, they do not want their products to be misused or prescribed inappropriately. Moreover, you cannot be certain of the quality control of the companies selling pet medications online. Whereas, you can be sure that a vet will not sell expired medications and will take steps to store them properly. Almost all vets today match their medication prices with those being offered online. So, when buying them online, you need to be sure that you are not paying more to cover the shipping and packaging fees.

5. Always consult a vet before buying
When you try to order for pet medications online, you are likely to come across many sites making eye-catchy claims to boost their sales. The biggest downside to online shopping is that you cannot be sure if the claims are authentic. Companies can resort to multiple illicit practices that violate state and federal laws. So, the medications you end up buying may not have the right dosage, or it might not be the real thing. Also, the medications may have contaminants and may have been stored in undesirable conditions. So, one of the most useful tips for buying pet medications online is to check for prices on the internet and then request your vet to match this price. Most vets would be willing to concede to your request.

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