Natural Flea Prevention in the Home

Every pet owner’s worst nightmare is a flea infestation. Not only are they pests of the highest order, they can pose health problems for pets. To prevent your pets from being hosts to fleas, it is important that you keep them from entering your home. Also, if pets are already infected with fleas or ticks, they may spread and cause an infestation. The best natural flea prevention methods include the following methods:

1. Keep them off your yard
The yard and garden are the places where fleas enter your home from outside. Proofing the yard against the entry of fleas can be done using natural flea prevention methods. It will ensure that your pets are safe from fleas.

Keep the grass on your lawn trimmed, and let the landscaping be simple as it makes sure that fleas don’t get sufficient places to hide. Find out gaps and cavities from where animals like raccoons and rats can enter your home, and close the gaps so that they don’t come in bringing fleas with them.
Use natural flea repellents, made using water and lemon or vinegar. Spray them around your yard to ward fleas off. If you adopt these measures, the chances of fleas invading your home are slim.

2. Wash and clean
Wash the bedding, blankets, and other materials that your pet uses. Dousing these items in hot water and drying them in sunlight will remove any leftover fleas.
It is also advisable and important to use a vacuum cleaner thoroughly to trap fleas. After cleaning the furniture, discard the vacuum bag or treat it with a flea killing solution.

3. Brush your pets
In case any fleas get through, make sure you remove them by thoroughly brushing your pet using a flea comb. It will get rid of any fleas, eggs, or larvae on its coat. You can do this when you come back home after taking your pet outside for a walk.

4. Diatomaceous earth
One of the most effective natural products, which is available in the form of a powder, that can kill fleas is diatomaceous earth. Make sure you buy food-grade material that will not cause any harm in case your dog consumes it accidentally. Spread this powder in the areas where your pets spend more time. In addition to this, you can also spread on the corners of the carpets and under the cushions. These are usually the places where fleas hide.

5. Nematodes
These are worms that eat fleas, and they can be useful in preventing them from entering your home.
Steinernema carpocapsae is one of the nematodes which eats fleas, their eggs, and larvae. You can buy a nematode solution from the market and spray it all over your yard and house to destroy fleas. The biggest advantage of using this method is that these microscopic nematodes do not harm your pets in any way. They do not cause any distress to humans or children and are safe to use as a preventive measure to keep fleas out.

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