Natural and Non-Toxic Home Cleaning Products for Cat Owners

You are likely to be unaware of how the chemicals in certain cleaning products end up harming you or your pet. The truth is that there are many cleaning products for cat owners and dog owners in the market, but not all of these are trustworthy. They can release harmful toxins that tend to build up inside the body, leaving long-term effects.

You may not be able to eliminate all toxic products that your pet may come in touch with. But, if you choose cleaning products that help you as cat owners, you can reduce your pet’s exposure to such chemicals. You must choose pet-friendly and safe cleaning products for your house as cats are more susceptible than any other pet to these substances. They groom themselves by continuously licking their bodies, and are, therefore, inclined to ingest anything that will come into contact with their fur or feet.

Besides, chemicals present in the cleaning solutions may emit fumes that trigger allergic reactions in many cats. Many chemical-based cleaning products for cat owners used inside the house can pollute the home air. They give off toxic fumes or contain antibacterial agents that are not only unwanted but also make bacteria more resistant.

To reduce these unwanted effects on you or your cat, you can use the following natural cleaning solutions.

  • When you clean the floors, you can use vinegar and a warm water solution. It may be used on wood, ceramic tiles, vinyl, or linoleum floors. As cats stay close to the ground, you have to use non-toxic cleaners when cleaning the floors. You must use a vinegar-water solution when using carpet steam cleaners.
  • You can clean the surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom with baking soda, wiping it later with a sponge or moist cloth. Alternatively, you can use vinegar with warm water. To get rid of grease stains and mildew, you may spray the affected areas with lemon juice and then use a stiff brush for scrubbing away the residue.
  • If you must unclog your home drains, you can use vinegar with baking soda. Foaming action produced by these two products can unclog drains easily.
  • For cleaning furniture, you may use lemon juice or olive oil as they give a fabulous polish afterward.
  • For cleaning the oven, you can use a paste of water and baking soda that will not emit harmful fumes. This paste can be used for coating the inside of the oven. It should be kept through the night as it becomes easy to scrub the dirt away the next day.
  • Paint fumes can be very damaging for your cat. So, the area that will be painted must be properly ventilated. When you do not own an air purifier, you can use small vinegar-filled bowls all around the room. These must be changed every day, and the vinegar will help to absorb the odors.
  • Chemicals in dryer sheets, fabric softeners, or laundry detergents will tend to get absorbed by your skin and also your pet’s skin. These chemicals are neurotoxins and carcinogens. It is best to select oxygen bleaches that release oxygen whenever they come into contact with water.
  • Toilet bowl cleaners can be toxic for cats and must be used carefully as both dogs and cats love to play around and drink water from toilets. So, you should only buy pet-safe cleaners and stay away from any stick-on product.
  • Window cleaners are harmless but they too contain ammonia, like oven cleaners.

There are many cleaning products that are available in the market which will help you as cat owners to keep your feline friends safe and clean at all times.