Here’s How Smartphones can Help Enhance our Lives

In our busy lives, it is possible to forget part of your plans and schedules. Those who are really anxious about keeping track of multiple meetings, events, etc. will need to organize and plan their activities to make sure that everything is in order. This is where a smartphone comes in, where one can not only plan their day but also be up to date with changes in schedule and adjust accordingly.

A few healthy benefits of using smartphones include the following:

1. Connectivity
Connectivity is one of the healthy benefits of smartphones: you can access social media as well as talk with people while on the other side of the world. Apps like WhatsApp and Skype are great mediums for long-distance communication. As long as you have a good Internet connection, you can send and receive emails, access your bank accounts, and make video calls.

2. Mini computers
Some of the healthy benefits of using smartphones are attributed to their ability to be a mini laptop, desktop, bank, shopping center, etc. The speed at which you can perform functions through your smartphones is another efficient advantage. Multiple logins, work and social life management, reminders, health facts, new business ideas, name it and you receive it. These days, you are also powered with AI Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri have also been functioned in the best artificial intelligence way possible. You can also use them as your big data storage clouds.

3. Functionality
Another healthy benefit of using a smartphone is functionality: you can store umpteen number of files, have pictures and videos taken, conduct online transactions, check for nearest restaurants, buy items online, find your favorite movie, and book plays and concerts. You can also protect your phone. You can block data online itself if somebody steals it. You can block, put in do not disturb mode, change your preference to silent etc.

4. Entertainment
Apart from having healthy benefits, smartphones are a great source of entertainment. They give you access to the latest movies and shows worldwide. Apps like Netflix have tied up with every movie industry. Both Android and iOS compatibilities. Entertainment also includes music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple music. These apps are making money from the subscriptions, the different movie production companies, law firms, artists etc. If you look at the gaming platform, brands like Unity, 10 Cent, Game loft, Activision, and Rovio have made tremendous games for kids. They have transformed the gaming world and the entertainment industry.

5. Artistry
Illustrations, doodles, and any artwork of pictures and videos are a trend these days. Artists can use their smartphones to draw anything out of a picture and video, do an overlay, make pixelated forms, and create caricatures. Adobe draw, AutoDesk, Doodles, and Picsart are examples of apps that have been developed for professional artists who would like to carry out their work in a smartphone.