Great Trucks to Consider in 2020

When one goes to buy a truck, it is not necessary that the truck that has a low-priced sticker can be considered as one of the best trucks to purchase. Similarly, when a person spends a huge amount on a truck based on the ratings, it does not make any sense either.

Therefore, one needs to buy a truck that provides dependability, performance, and features that a person expects from it while spending the money on the purchase of the vehicle. For this purpose, one needs to know every truck’s available and standard features, scores attained for reliability and safety, and the average ownership cost.

These trucks are the best and need to be considered by the person before they settle for something they would regret buying later.

1. Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Compared to the GMC Sierra, the fully redesigned Chevrolet Silverado 1500 full-size truck is priced almost $1,000 less. The vehicle is considered to have the second-highest initial price as per the list of top trucks for 2020 that the vehicle has been placed in. This vehicle, however, is considered to be cheaper in terms of ownership for five years than the rest of the trucks. This truck is considered to be one of the most excellent options because the predicted reliability rating of the truck is on a higher side.

Overall this vehicle also offers a fantastic performance. The truck also comes with a standardized infotainment system and the interiors of this truck are also of high quality. The vehicle also offers several potent engines and maximum hauling and towing capacities which is the same as those trucks that are part of the list and are at the top. The truck comes with the standard GM’s Teen Driver safety system along with other safety features that are available in the truck.

2. RAM 1500
The entirely redesigned RAM 1500 comes with the least initial price as compared to the rest of the full-size pickup trucks that are present in the market. The cost of ownership of this vehicle is very impressive as compared to the rest of the trucks in the segment. This credit goes to the predicted reliability rating of the truck that is on the higher side as well as their estimate of returns of fuel economy. The truck comes with cushion seat sets that are exceptional making the vehicle stand from the rest of the competitors in the segment.

Also, the capacity of the truck to haul and tow is considered to be the best in the class. This truck is considered to have one of the nicest cabins in the list of the full-size trucks that also offer spacious, supportive seats. This truck has a list of available and standard features. It also provides an excellent combination of quality and value as compared to the rest of the full-size trucks in the segment.