Factors to Consider for an All-Inclusive Vacation

When you go in for an all-inclusive resort, there’s the added pull of enjoying a worry-free vacation. After arriving at the property, you can simply ditch your bags and wallet and focus on relaxing, dining, and attractions and activities. All-inclusive resorts usually bundle up everything into one price, including meals, lodging, snacks, on-site activities like water sports, and extras such as beach towels, beach chairs, lounge chairs, and the like.

Finding deals at great, all-inclusive resorts, thus, can be slightly complicated. Here are a few detailed, comprehensive, and useful tips for finding the best all-inclusive deals for your vacation:

1. Picking the right time to vacation
Since competition is lesser and prices are lower when children are in school, vacationers will find better deals on all-inclusive trips. For instance, during winters, beachside resorts in California and Florida are full of travelers. Also, some of the lowest prices are during the short window between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

2. Picking the right destination
For the best all-inclusive, right-priced resort deals, the tip here is to look at the hottest vacation destinations. Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Laguna Beach in California, Sanibel and Captiva Islands in Florida, Outer Banks in North Carolina, Cannon Beach in Oregon, The Hamptons in New York, and Newport in Rhode Island are some of the best examples.

3. Finding savings
One of the most important tips while on vacation is to read the fine print about the extras at all-inclusive resorts, such as transfers, liquor, gratuities, WiFi, phone, etc. Certain resorts do not allow employees to accept tips, but that isn’t the norm and you’ll still be expected to slip $3 to $5 to the porter or the bartender on the sly. At other resorts, not tipping is taken extremely seriously and staff could be fired for accepting tips. When it comes to alcohol, everything might be included as part of the day rate, but the options might only be the local, inexpensive beers and wines. The better liquor is more expensive and not included in the price.

4. Type of holiday
When it comes to larger family get-togethers or large reunions, the no-brainer tip here is to opt for an all-inclusive vacation package. All-inclusive resorts are also a great way for families with children to enjoy, featuring childcare for younger children and activities for all ages. Children can eat all they want, older adults find it easier to move around, and adults can enjoy without having to worry about both sets of people. In such cases, one needs to look for all-inclusive resorts where childcare is included or one which offers amazing extras.

5. Onsite activities
For the more intrepid, active vacationers, the best tip to get the best deals out of all-inclusive resorts is knowing which activities are on site. For instance, many resorts today even include onsite activities and classes for water aerobics and salsa dancing, but charge extra for off-site excursions such as scuba-diving, paragliding, snorkeling, and deep-sea diving. One needs to compare destinations and brands to make sure that they’re getting the best deal that is right as well as value-for-money for them.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, checking for package deals bundling transfers, airfare, and stays are also a great way to choose the best all-inclusive resort experience for your vacation.