Easy to Avoid Hot Tub Buying Mistakes

When one considers that hot tubs can do so much to alleviate stress, one may wonder why hot tubs are not literally prescribed by physicians regularly. General body soreness, lower back and shoulder pain, muscle fatigue, headaches, and muscle tension are all unhappy results of repetitive and mental stress. The popularity of hot tubs seems on the rise, and in an effort to help our readers make smart shopping choices, we’ve listed some common hot tub buying mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Failing to consider installation costs

Yes, it is a fact that many consumers neglect to factor in hot tub installation costs as part of estimating total costs of purchasing a tub. In fact, many make the mistake of assuming this cost will be included in the sticker price. Yet a number of cost considerations figure into installation:

  • Cost of delivery
  • Cost of hot tub electrical hookup
  • Cost of hot tub chemicals and accessories (steps, lift for cover, etc.)
  • A base to place tub upon (many consumers opt to construct this themselves)

2. Ongoing costs

Many consumers often direct too little attention to the questions regarding the costs of owning a tub over time (i.e., cleaning chemicals, maintenance, etc.). Just take care that your tub is made of high-quality parts that have been skillfully assembled, and is energy efficient.

3. Failing to ‘test-drive’ before buying

Many buyers enjoy a hot tub at a spa or neighbor’s house before buying their own. Yet others buy a hot tub blind without testing it first hand. Consider minute details like placement of water jets, which can make a huge difference in your purchase if you are buying a hot tub to relieve lower back or neck and shoulder pain. So if you can, test the model that interests you first hand before buying. 

4. Warranty 

A hot tub may appear to be so meticulously crafted that the buyer may assume that repairs will be negligible. Not so! Potential hot tub buyers should insist that their product come with a warranty, and, beyond that, should review the document to ensure it covers all parts and all labor in the event these costs arise.

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