7 Ways to Maintain a Luxury Car

After daring risks in your business and your life, personal sacrifices and years and years of hard work, you’ve invested in that dream of yours – a luxury automobile. Maintaining that new luxury car of yours requires a bit more maintenance and care as compared to regular cars and automobiles. Here are seven maintenance tips for luxury automobiles to maintain your luxury car in prime condition:

1. Service
For all their beauty, luxury cars require more servicing and maintenance than regular vehicles. Getting them to the car shops should be a last resort. You need to study the owner’s manual thoroughly, as it will not only tell you when exactly to head for the maintenance of the car but it will also tell you when to change the oil to ensure that your luxury set of wheels runs for as long and as smoothly as possible.

2. Seats
The seats of your luxury automobile need to be vacuumed twice a week for keeping them optimally gorgeous and pristine. Also, owners need to be sure to vacuum the insides – like the consoles, the dash, the doors, and the floors, among others – to maintain the luxury status of the automobile. Use a microfiber cloth with a leather cleaner for cleaning the surfaces of the seating areas. This is an important maintenance tip for luxury automobiles with leather seats.

3. Clutch
A working clutch is essential for the engine to function smoothly, making it one of the five topmost important components of luxury vehicles. If there’s a change in the speed of your engine and if it happens uninitiated by you, it’s a telling sign that the clutch needs to be taken to a mechanic immediately.

4. Environment
Unexpected weather and road conditions are the very bane of any driver who is serious about how they drive. Irrespective of whether your everyday route is filled with debris, rain, or ice, or whether it is a clear, sunny day, exercise caution. The luxury dream car that you have bought is an investment, so you need to take care of it.

5. Checking the tires
It should be standard practice for you to check the tires’ air pressure whenever you’re filling up gas in your luxury automobile. This will help avoid your tires from losing their balance and traction, or bursting due to high pressure while you’re on the road. Maintaining the health of the tires is important as they can turn into an expensive and painful problem to deal with later. Replace your tires whenever the treads shrink to less than 1.5 mm.

6. Trim
The next thing to take care of is the overall look of your interior trim and keep it looking as sleek and jaw-dropping as it was when you bought the luxury car. Vacuuming is necessary, and you need to use cleaning products and a microfiber cloth which won’t harm the material. Do not ignore this maintenance tip for luxury automobiles.

7. Exterior
Washing the car regularly is a necessity for ensuring its proper and polished luxury status that you’ve worked so hard to attain. Using polish that is safe for the car and inspecting the windscreen wipers is also a must.