7 Types of Hotels to Know About

If you are traveling for business or simply vacationing, trying out the various types of hotels can help to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Hotels can be either independent or part of a chain, and those in need of a place to sleep have an assortment of options in front of them. Depending on your travel needs, it can be helpful to try out a new type of hotel, not to mention fun.

Herein, we take a look at some of the types of hotels you should be aware of.

1. Budget hotels
Budget hotels are known for their value proposition and every brand has its own section of budget rooms. They might not offer you the premium amenities but one can stay assured of at least free breakfasts. Even the location can be a little uncomfortable and the construction can feel sub-par.

2. Inns and B&B
Smaller hotels that are independent sometimes frame themselves as Bed and Breakfasts or Inns. These Inns are very cheap and are even pleasant to spend a night or two.

3. Business and mid-range Hotels
Mid-range hotels are usually preferred by both family and business people. They provide decent rooms with decent amenities, fair prices, consistent service and are located at prime spots for easy accessibility. Courtyard by Marriott is one of the most reputed examples of mid-range hotels.

4. Family hotels
These types of hotels don’t have restrictions and are open to all. However, hotels catering to the needs of the families have bigger rooms with more beds and swimming pools. Family resorts that are affiliated with theme parks run by universal and Disney have extended hours to the guests for maximizing the fun.

5. Holiday condo resort
Some resorts have individual apartments that are independently owned and are available. Each of these individual apartments might be unique and have to meet some standards and should have hotel services like housekeeping to qualify as a condo resort. These condos come fully equipped with kitchen and have in-suite laundry. The guests visiting the condo has full access to the empty beach, they can use the several pools. Some even offer a gym and spa and even a restaurant that cooks food from the ingredients straight out of the farm.

6. Boutique Hotels
As the name suggests, these types of hotels are small in space but are decorated very uniquely. Some are even decorated with historical themes. Every room might have different décor, making it a very unique experience. They are generally affordable and are mid range when it comes to budget, but can go to premium prices, depending upon the location and amenities. There are some boutique hotels that also try their level best to be eco friendly.

7. Luxury and high-end hotels
These types of hotels generally fall under the four- or five-star range and offer some of the best experiences. They charge a premium and offer spaciousness, quality, and design. Guests can avail of 24/7 room service and can even hire a personal butler. These hotels are usually located in bigger cities to attract both business and leisure travelers. Some luxury hotels are also located in places with artistic and historic importance and clearly reflect their culture in the most sophisticated manner.