5 Cleaning Hacks That Will Help Save Time

Cleaning Products Professionals Prefer

Cleaning is a hassle, we all know it. Sometimes it’s the last thing we want to do even if our living spaces desperately need it. If you’ve got all the right products that professionals recommend, like Clorox disinfectant, Pine-Sol cleaner, Fabuloso all-purpose cleaner, and Glad trash bags, you’ll be ready to go. With these 5 cleaning hacks and the proper cleaning products, you’ll be done cleaning in no time—and these hacks will have you excited to get started:

1. Remove hard water stains

If there’s hard water stains and build up around your faucets that just won’t go away no matter how hard you scrub, try this hack. Mix a spray bottle with half of it filled with water and the other half filled with white vinegar. Spray on the hard water stains, let it sit for 15 minutes, and wipe away. Your faucets will be sparkling clean thanks to the acid in the vinegar cutting through the mineral deposits. 

2. Brighten your dirty sneaker soles

If your once white sneakers are now dull and stained with dirt and other substances, grab your toothbrush and toothpaste and get to work. By using non-gel white toothpaste, you can work the paste into the dirty spots with a toothbrush, let sit for 10 minutes, wipe away with a damp cloth, and repeat as necessary. With this hack your soles will be a bright white in no time.

3. Get rid of fingerprints on stainless steel appliances 

Stainless steel appliances look gorgeous in any kitchen; however, they’re not forgiving when you touch them. You can see fingerprints all over this material, but here’s a hack to get rid of them: baby oil. By pouring baby oil and a rag or cloth and moving in circular motions on the appliance, the fingerprints will disappear and your stainless steel will look shiny and new. 

4. Refresh your washing machine

Yes, your washing machine needs washing too! Do this once a month—run a cycle with no clothes or detergent on a hot wash to rid your machine of any mold or bacteria build up. Additionally, twice a year you should run a cycle with a washing machine cleaner. 

5. Dust electronics with clean coffee filters

Dusting seems simple, but sometimes cloths and paper towels can leave behind fibers on your electronics. Clean coffee filters make perfect dusters and won’t leave anything behind except a sparkling clean surface on your TV, computer monitor, and other screens.

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