Best Home Remedies for Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, causes inflammation on the skin, leading to itching and rashes and may cause inflammation, skin scales, and even skin oozing blisters in some cases. When it comes to atopic dermatitis, natural treatments may be helpful in treating this skin disease. Given below are some of the best remedies for atopic dermatitis. Just be sure to check first with you physician to ensure safety:

1. Oatmeal bath
One of the best home remedies for atopic dermatitis natural treatment is taking an oatmeal bath. It is very helpful in moisturizing and softening skin. It can also help treat inflammation. Colloidal oatmeal is a product made from powdered oat. This product can be added to a bath containing lukewarm water.

Taking an oatmeal bath can be very helpful. After bathing, it is important not to rub the skin vigorously. Instead, drying by patting the skin with a soft towel is recommended.

2. Natural moisturizers
Instead of using moisturizers that contain chemicals, one can use natural moisturizers made from organic products. These have no side effects and are helpful.

Virgin coconut oil can be applied on the skin as a moisturizer immediately after a bath. Apart from moisturizing, it can also kill bacteria on the skin.

Sunflower oil is another plant-based oil that can be applied to the skin as a moisturizer. It can be used two times a day.

3. Use a humidifier
Dry air can worsen the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air. It can help to prevent drying of the skin and can keep skin moisturized.

4. Calendula cream
Calendula is an herbal remedy. A cream made from calendula is soothing for the skin. It is useful to treat inflammation on the skin. Apart from treating inflammation, it also helps to moisturize the skin. You can use this natural calendula cream instead of steroid creams that can be harmful in the long run.

5. Stop scratching
One of the major reasons for cuts and bleeding from the dry skin is scratching. The itching compels those afflicted with atopic dermatitis to scratch the affected area. It can cause abrasion of the skin, leading to bleeding. Therefore, it is very important to stop scratching inflamed skin.

Moisturizing the skin ensures the skin doesn’t dry, and this prevents itching and consequently scratching.

6. Use mild soaps
The soap used can also increase the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Using a mild soap is recommended. Some soaps and detergents can worsen symptoms of eczema. Contact with such products must be avoided.

7. Limit contact with water
Washing hands or face frequently can cause moisture from the skin to be removed. This dries the skin, worsening the symptoms of this skin disease. As far as possible, one must avoid limits with water.

8. Avoid allergens
Strong soaps, detergents, perfumes, and chemicals can act as allergens increasing symptoms of eczema. Identifying such allergens and avoiding them is important. Even cloth material like wool can be an allergen, causing a sudden increase in itching and other symptoms. All allergens must be identified. and their use avoided.