5 Foods to Avoid to Keep Osteoporosis at Bay

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Osteoporosis is what occurs when more bone gets broken down than replaced, resulting in brittle bones, or easily breaking bones, weaker grip strength, back or neck pain, receding gums, weak or brittle finger nails, stooped posture, and more. There are some medications and treatments that can help reduce these symptoms such as Evenity, Forteo, Fosamax, Prolia, and Boniva, but one of the best ways to improve bone strength is through your diet. Just as there are some foods you should eat more of, there are some foods you should try to avoid entirely. Here are 5 foods to avoid to keep osteoporosis at bay:

1. High sodium foods

High sodium foods can result in a loss in calcium in your body, the mineral associated with healthy bones and teeth. With a lack of calcium, you will suffer from bone loss, causing your bones to become weak and you to develop osteoporosis. Processed foods and canned foods are typically very high in sodium, so make sure to read your labels and try seasoning your food with spices as opposed to added salt. 

2. Wheat bran

Wheat bran contains what’s known as phytates, something considered an anti-nutrient that makes it harder for your body to absorb calcium and other essential nutrients. Try to avoid too much of this in your diet, and if you take calcium supplements, wait about 2 or more hours before eating 100% wheat bran to allow your body to absorb it properly.

3. Alcohol

Heavy drinking can lead to bone loss by interfering with bone growth and the replacement of bone tissue. What’s more, it decreases the amount of calcium your body can absorb and can have an effect on your pancreas and vitamin D metabolism, which in turn impacts bone density.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine filled drinks, including coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks, can decrease calcium absorption, thus contributing to bone loss and potentially causing osteoporosis. Opt for decaf drinks instead and try sparkling water instead of soda. 

5. Sugary treats

Cakes, candy, cookies, and other highly sweet foods might help your sweet tooth, but they certainly don’t help your bones. Sugary foods often don’t contain many nutrients, and consuming too much doesn’t leave any room for you to consume the foods and nutrients that matter. Eat these treats in moderation and be sure not to go overboard on the sweets.