7 Harmful Snacks for Diabetics

Snacking may turn out to be either a good or a bad option. If the wrong snacks are picked, it can pose a serious risk and may lead to obesity. For diabetics, it is worse as the risk of developing several health complications goes up. Some of these snacks have no real benefit and are just a cause of increased belly fat and obesity in the long run.

It is best for those with diabetes, and even others, to avoid the following snacks:

1. Artificially sweetened beverages
They come with only negatives and should be avoided by everyone. These beverages are very harmful snacks for diabetes are they are high in carbs and fructose. The latter can lead to insulin resistance and pose a serious risk to those who have diabetes or prediabetes. Artificial sweeteners are also the main cause of increasing belly fat, so drink water instead.

2. French fries
Potatoes are high in carbs, and fries are usually deep-fried, making them a rich source of unhealthy fats and carbs that should be avoided to a great extent. Baked fries would be a safer option, but diabetics should ideally stay away from these as well, since the starch content in fries, whether baked or fried, is too high.

3. Canned vegetables
Don’t jump to the conclusion that veggies are always good for the body. Canned vegetables are a snack usually really high in sodium, which is harmful to diabetics and should be avoided at all costs.

4. Canned fruit
Similar to canned vegetables, canned fruits are harmful snack options for those with diabetes and should be avoided. These fruits lose their health benefits here as they are loaded with sugar syrup. Instead, stick to fresh fruit and choose the ones that are low in sugar.

5. Fried meat
Avoid red meat as much as possible and reduce the consumption of fried meat as it comes with several risk factors for a diabetic. First off, frying brings in large amounts of fat, and coupled with the high protein from meat, it can pose serious issues for diabetics.

6. Fruit-flavored yogurt
Although these may be low-fat, they are not good snacks for diabetes as they are high in carbs and sugar. As a diabetic, it is more important for carbs and sugar to be under control than fat, even though they all have a role to play. You should choose plain whole-milk yogurt instead of the fruit-flavored versions.

7. Dried fruit
Fruits are an important source of vitamins and minerals. Dried fruit, on the other hand, tends to have a higher concentration of sugar since drying removes water content, strengthening all elements inside the fruit, including sugar. You can choose fruits that have low sugar content to keep blood sugar levels in check.

Diabetic patients should consume wholesome and healthy meals and steer away from snacking in between meals unless needed. The mentioned snacks for diabetes can spike blood sugar levels and cause major health risks, so it is important to be careful of what you eat.

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