7 Foods to Avoid While on the Whole30 Diet

The Whole30 diet plan is meant to reset eating habits and help in choosing to eat healthy and nutritional meals. Created by certified sports nutritionist Melissa Hartwig, the Whole30 diet cuts out food like soy, dairy, grains, added sugars, alcohol, and legumes.

After the 30 days reset, people can reintroduce each food group one at a time to identify food sensitivities and stay away from harmful foods permanently. Instead of only weight loss, the diet focuses on improving digestion, energy, attention span, mood, sleep quality, skin health, and the ability to control cravings. The Whole30 diet also focuses on avoiding food that causes inflammation in the body. It helps in recalibrating the taste buds to avoid food cravings for carbohydrates and sweets, and the results are effective after 30 days.

Some food to avoid while following a Whole30 diet include the following:

1. Say no to tobacco and alcohol
Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited, and using alcohol in smaller quantities for cooking is also forbidden.

2. Say no to legumes
All variety of legumes are restricted, including soy sauce, edamame, and miso. You have to avoid peanuts, chickpeas, lentils, and peas as well.

3. No added sugars
Products that contain added sugar like soda, packed juices, honey, maple syrup, coconut powder, date syrup, agave nectar, and stevia are to be completely avoided. It might get tedious when you go grocery shopping, but it is important to check the label for ingredients before you pick packaged foods.

4. Say no to dairy products
All food made from natural animal milk like cow, sheep, and buffalo’s milk is forbidden. It includes cheese, yogurt, and butter as well, and the only dairy product that is allowed is ghee or clarified butter.

5. Say no to junk food
Put an end to all your cravings for fried food items. The Whole30 diet restricts you from baking to make healthy versions of junk food as well. The whole purpose of this meal plan is to get you mentally strong by controlling your cravings for unhealthy food, so cauliflower pizza and other healthy versions of junk food are also left out.

6. Say no to processed food
Processed food has added flavor and sugar to enhance its taste, which can cause serious damage to our health. When on a Whole30 diet, such food items are to be eliminated from the eating habits.

7. Leave out the grains
Grains like millet, corn, wheat, quinoa, rice, sprouted grains, buckwheat, and bulgur need to be left out of the diet completely.

8. Do not step on the scale
Though not a food option, this rule needs to be followed strictly. As discussed earlier, the aim of this diet plan is not just to promote weight loss. It is a diet plan to reintroduce healthy eating habits, reset your palate, and avoid excessive junk food. Weighing yourself during the diet plan will only make you focus only on the weight loss benefits and lose sight of the long-term health benefits of the diet.