Top 10 Natural Herbs to Cure Acne

Most women face acne-related skin issues. Lifestyle habits or hormonal changes are some of the reasons for breakouts. Precautionary measures can be taken to avoid breakouts by controlling unhealthy habits, however in case of hormonal changes nothing can be done. The best way is to cure breakouts using effective methods. You can get help from a dermatologist, or there are natural options. You can cure painful and stubborn acne with the help of herbs.

Here is a list of few herbs that act as a natural cure for acne.

1. Basil
Basil is known for its antiseptic goodness. It reduces inflammation and improves oil regulation in the skin. Also, basil helps in subtly handling acne when compared to astringent and other acne treatment medicines. It is the best-known herb for natural cure for acne.

2. Neem
Neem is widely popular for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant properties. It is not just a cure for acne but also other skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

3. Tea Tree
Tea tree helps to repair skin in many ways. It is widely known to restore oil in the skin and prevents skin irritation, dryness, and inflammation caused due to acne. The goodness of tea tree oil also helps in removing scars after acne. The process of cure compared to other medical treatments is slow, but the results are positive for sure.

4. Lavender
One of the most calming herbs used as a natural cure for acne. Lavender is well-known for its calming effects and it also reduces inflammation. Once applied the smell can relax and calm your mind too.

5. Chamomile
It is an excellent herb that accelerates the healing process and reduces irritation. It cleanses your skin gently and gives a natural glow.

6. Turmeric
It is a world-known herb known for its amazing healing power for many diseases. It is filled with abundant goodness that acts as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and many more. It penetrates pores and clears the clogging of oil.

7. Rose
Rosewater or rose oil helps in balancing oil of your skin. It has an excellent healing power to act as an antidote for those breakouts. It also helps in calming pain and irritation of the skin.

8. Geranium
Geranium is a great herb used as a natural cure for acne. It mainly helps in reducing blackhead breakouts. Blackhead acne occurs due to excess production of oil which leads to clogged pores. Geranium helps in balancing oil production and also helps in slowing down aging problems.

9. Hibiscus
It is widely known as an herb to boost hair growth. It is much more than that and causes great effects on the skin too. Hibiscus has the goodness of anti-aging and helps in vanishing fine lines. It helps to remove acne scars and tightens your skin too.

10. Blue Yarrow
It looks fragile and beautiful from the outside but it has very strong elements to fight bacteria and aging. The amazing herbal quality helps in preventing breakouts, clearing clogged pores and calming skin irritations.