Tips to Make Deodorant Last All Day

Summer is here and that means more fun under the sun with the awkward situation of sweating through your shirt when you leave the house. No matter how much antiperspirant deodorant stick you apply, there are those days that you will not last until 4 pm without sweat stains. Deodorants are a must in all weather to keep your armpits smelling fresh all day long. If you are a person that sweats a lot and cannot stay fresh for a day, then these tips will help:

1. Apply deodorant to clean dry skin
Always apply deodorant on freshly cleaned skin, but make sure that it is dry before applying. The best time to apply it is right after you shower. Never spray perfume on sweaty armpits as it will only make them smell worse. Applying deodorant on clean armpits is the same reason why you should wax and shave. You will reach the pulse points better when your skin is clean, fresh, and dry. If using antiperspirant, always shake the bottle well before use.

2. Wait for the product to dry before putting clothes on
After you apply deodorant, always give it time to dry completely before dressing. This is especially so when you are using the roll-on type as they are applied directly to the skin as they are usually sticky liquids. It helps the product to set on the skin, and the longer it stays there; the longer it will last as it will completely be absorbed by your body. The fragrance of an antiperspirant deodorant stick comes out best if you let it dry up first.

3. Shave your underarms
Shaving or waxing your armpits helps the antiperspirant to work better as the odor-causing bacteria is eliminated. These bacteria accumulate around hair and thrive on sweat, oils, and dead skin. When you shave your underarms, then the deodorant will get directly to the source of odor and sweat. You should however note that spraying on freshly waxed/shaved or cut skin can irritate it, thus you should avoid it.

4. Wear breathable fabrics
With the weather so hot then it would be best to wear breathable fabrics, like cotton or linen, as they will not let you sweat a lot. Cotton clothing is recommended as it allows your body to breathe freely. You could also wear sleeveless or strapless tops as the weather in summer allows it. To keep your armpits from sweating a lot, then wash them every couple of hours and apply a fresh coat of deo. You should never apply deo on clothes as the product is meant to be used on your skin.

5. Apply baby powder
If you are using the stick deodorant then there are two unusual yet highly effective ways that make it last. The main winner is to apply baby powder after using stick deodorant. This locks in deodorant by creating a dry, protective barrier. The effect will be the same for any fragrance you use. It will last on your skin for the entire day if you apply talc first.