Things to Know Before Buying Men’s Hair Gel

Who does not want to have perfectly-styled hair that stays the same throughout a workday? Hair gels are the best way to achieve this in the shortest possible time. Hair gels are nothing but styling products that keep hair stiff and manageable so that it can be designed into different hairstyles. Even the Greeks and Romans were known to use natural hair gels throughout history.

The main reason for using a man’s hair gel is to style hair and make sure it holds for a long time. Besides, gels can also boost hair texture and make your face look neater and cleaner. So, using a man’s hair gel can change the way he looks completely, giving a boost of confidence.

Things to remember when using hair gels include the following tips:

1. Dehydrates hair
To begin with, you must realize that a man’s hair gel contains alcohol and many harsh chemicals. It reduces the moisture content of scalp and hair, leaving them dehydrated. Besides, the gel can also lessen sebum production, which makes the hair dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. A flaky and itchy scalp is often the result of over-usage of hair gels. The hair can also become frizzy, unmanageable, rough, dry, and dull.

2. Dandruff
Another common problem associated with excessive use of hair gels is dandruff. When your scalp is not well-nourished, it becomes dry and dehydrated. A dry scalp is more prone to infection, leading it to become itchy and irritable. The scalp turns flaky, and this leads to the growth of dandruff. Because of less oil production, hair roots become weak, worsening dandruff. Inflammations in the scalp or seborrhoeic dermatitis may lead to the growth of acne by clogging pores.

3. Hair Loss
Since hair gels dehydrate the scalp, the hair becomes more susceptible to fall and breakage. Chemical compounds present in men’s hair gel build up in the scalp. This product build-up, along with the pollutants from outside, causes dead cells and oil to accumulate on your scalp. It clogs hair follicles, triggering hair fall. When you experience substantial hair fall for a long time, you are likely to find your hairline receding and bald patches appearing.

4. Discoloration
Hair thinning, split ends, damaged hair, and hair discoloration are the most commonly noticed side-effects of excessive hair gel usage. The gels block the hair follicles from absorbing nutrients, breaking the hair roots, and stripping them of moisture. These also disturb the hair’s pH balance, making it unhealthy, dull, and scarce. Since the gels have chemicals, these may damage the hair color, causing hair discoloration. Prolonged use of gels will also lead to premature graying.

5. Greasiness
While hair gels can give you the perfect wet look you so desire, they make hair greasy if left on for a long time. The product tends to accumulate around the roots, and the hair becomes heavier and far more difficult to style. To make sure the scalp stays in great shape, you need to buy a shampoo that can cleanse the hair and scalp thoroughly.

There is no doubt that hair gel is good for styling hair, but you must use it sparingly. If not used properly, it can cause the afore-mentioned problems to arise. The styling gel is in itself not bad for your hair, problems happen when you fail to use it the right way.