The Different Types of Eyeliner

Make-up can be a fun part of the day, much like a ritual of getting ready to face the world and whatever your day throws at you. For those of us that don’t have the time to sit around and watch endless YouTube makeup tutorials, learning about new products and how to use them can be intimidating. There’s countless products and ways in which to wear them.

To start, we put together a guide on the different types of eyeliner.

1. Gel eyeliner
These types of eyeliner are gel-based and creamier in texture. the product is packed in a tiny pot like jar and a sleek brush is given for application. It is very convenient to use and hassle-free to maintain. It does not smudge easily, lasts longer and is generally water-proof. It is convenient to create the wing look with the help of the brush. Make sure you clean the brush after every use to avoid infections.

2. Liquid Eyeliners
Liquid eyeliner has come a long way from the time it was started. Liquid eyeliner is available in many types nowadays. Some of the very common types of liquid eyeliner are dip pot with a brush, pen liners, cushion liners. All of them have liquid as the base element with just the applicators being different. Liquid eyeliner are used to create perfect strokes for winged looks. It stays longer as it is oil-based and cannot be smudged easily. Here are some details of different types of liquid eyeliner.

  • Dip eyeliner

A dip eyeliner is sold in a bottle with a brush attached to the screw type lid. These are the common type of liquid eyeliner available in the market. Using the brush type wand gets a little clumsy when you opt to use them on false lashes as it might get stuck to the lashes during application.

  • Pen or felt tip liners

These types of eyeliner are very user-friendly and are of great help for beginners. Pen eyeliner can be used like fine markers to draw lines with more control. This liquid eyeliner is available in a bottle with a felt tip attached to the screw lid or as a liquid-filled pen with a felt tip. The only concern with the type of eyeliner is that the felt tip gets worn out very soon which leads to imperfect lines.

  • Cushioned liner

These are new and trending eyeliners and are considered to be non-messier when compared to the other types of liquid eyeliner. This product comes in a small box with a sponge full of thickened liquid eyeliner. This product is accompanied by a liner brush which can be used by simply pressing the brush against the sponge to absorb some liquid. These types of eyeliner are user-friendly and avoid messiness.

3. Pencil eyeliner
As the name says these eyeliners come in pencil form. Pencil eyeliner has come a long way from wooden pencils to plastic retractable pencils. The wooden pencils are still available under certain brands, however, it needs to be sharpened quite often to get smooth and perfect lines. The plastic retractable ones are easy to use and avoid wastage of the product. Pencil eyeliner gives you more control, especially for beginners to draw those smooth and curvy lines for the desired look for your eyes.

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