Popular Hair Removal Techniques for Men

Removing unwanted hair has long been the goal for countless people. As technology has advanced, so has hair removal techniques become more accessible. More and more men are curious about various hair removal methods and are looking for ways to trim their bodies of excess hair. For those looking for permanent hair removal techniques for men, electrolysis and laser hair removal provide the best results. The procedures are safe and ensure permanent results.

The following are the two most popular hair removal techniques for men:

1. Electrolysis
Electrolysis is one of the hair removal techniques for men that is approved by the FDA as a permanent hair removal method. As the name suggests, it uses an electric current to destroy the cells that make hair grow. This ensures that hair is permanently removed.

While this treatment is effective, it deals with one hair at a time. A needle is used to deliver electric current to each hair follicle. You will need weekly treatments for many months to get rid of all the hair on your body.

Another advantage of electrolysis is that it is suitable for any skin type you may have. It is safe and can even be used for eyebrow trimming and to remove hair from moles. There is minimal pain involved, a minor stinging sensation is felt. It can be painful when used in genital areas.

2. Laser hair removal
One of the most popular hair removal technique that is used for men and women is laser hair removal. This involves using a device that delivers laser light to the hair follicle to burn it, so hair doesn’t grow. The technical concept is that hair follicle is dark and hence would attract more laser light ensuring accurate burning of hair follicles.

Laser hair removal is the perfect option for those with a light skin tone, but have dark hair. Those with white hair and blond hair will not find this procedure of much helpful. Those who have dark skin color need a special type of laser.

It usually takes around eight sessions of treatment for laser hair removal to effectively remove hair from all desired areas. It is not a 100% effective procedure since the follicles are not destroyed but only burnt. Technically, hair can grow, but the possibility is pretty low.

Laser hair removal is painless and for those with sensitive skin, an anesthetic cream can be used to prevent the` burning sensation.

The area where treatment is to be given should be shaved before so that laser directly reaches the root without being blocked by hair.

3. Electrolysis vs Laser removal
Electrolysis is a permanent method, whereas laser is almost permanent (80% effective). Electrolysis is good for targeted treatment since each hair has its follicle destroyed individually. Both are relatively painless and have no side effects.

While the choice is up to you, ideally you can use laser removal for the chest, back, and legs. Electrolysis can be used for facial hair. If you have blond or white hair, then electrolysis is the only option.

Laser hair removal and electrolysis are almost permanent hair removal techniques for men. Having gone through the details of these procedures, you will now be able to decide which of them is best suited to meet your needs.