Helpful Tips to Make Perfume Last

Women (and men) not only want to look their best, but also smell their best. We find fragrance’s such as perfumes, lotions and deodorants that appease our sense of smell. The last thing we want freshly showered and newly made up, is to go out and smell bad. Finding perfumes that help us smell amazing boosts a person’s confidence and allows them to express themselves through a signature scent. 
Let’s look at some tips for lasting perfume staying power: 

1. Exfoliate and moisturize
This goes hand in hand with applying petroleum jelly to pulse points. Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin prior to applying fragrance has the same effect. To ensure that your perfume lasts longer, always use unscented lotions before spritzing

2. Know your perfume and it’s staying power
Knowing your perfume and its staying power is vital to the longevity of the spritz itself. Always know the base of the perfume. For example, is it oil-based or is it water-based? Oil based perfumes tend to absorb more slowly and allow the scent to stay more fresh for a longer period of time. Alternatively, a water based product will absorb at a faster rate, which will cause the scent to diminish at a faster rate so choose accordingly.

3. Apply deodorant first for sweat and odor
Deodorant, in addition to perfume or fragrance, is not only a necessity when it comes to sweat and odor but it helps lay the foundation for applying a signature scent. The last thing we or wants is to apply a few spritzes of our favorite Valentino fragrance for men or women, only to have it squashed by sweat and odor, there are many different brands and types of deodorant to choose from, and many folks choose an unscented variety to let their perfume shine as the star scent. Others choose a similar note in their deodorant to flatter their chosen perfume (i.e., lavender, citrus, rose, musk, etc.)

4. Spritz your hair brush and clothing
After you have found your specific fragrance make sure you know where to apply it to make it last through your busy day. Spraying your hairbrush or comb as well as your clothing will do just that; it will allow the fragrance to last that much longer throughout the day

5.  Apply petroleum jelly on pulse points
Applying petroleum jelly (or Vaseline) lightly to your wrists, neck, elbows, ankles and behind your knees before spraying each of these pulse points, really allows the scent to stick to the body. Thus, ensuring scent stays power all day long.

6.  Don’t rub your wrists together
We all were taught to rub our wrists together after applying our perfume, but this is in fact an example of what not to do. You do not want to rub your wrists together because this breaks down the molecules in the perfume, changing the original scent, and diminishing it much faster.

Following these factors listed above will ensure that your scent is locked in for as long as possible. Remember moisturizing is key and spritzing in the correct areas of the body plays a huge role in the longevity of the scent itself. Also take note of the product you are buying and take the time to truly know your product; oil-based over water based fragrances are preferred if you’re seeking a lasting scent.