Eyebrow Makeup Hacks to Up that Brow Game

Eyebrow trends change as fast as the seasons. With more attention on eyebrows than ever before, the techniques to shape and take care of them have grown exponentially. Obtaining the right color, shape, style, texture, and thickness can be accomplished by specific techniques, products, and makeup tools. Read on for some basic eyebrow care tips, as well as some new techniques that are on trend:

1. Eyebrow filler
With thick big brows still dominating the eyebrow trends, eyebrow filler is a must for anyone beginning or maintaining their eyebrow journey. There are many different forms of filler that you can choose from depending on the particular look you are going for. As a more general filler, an eye brow pencil can provide just enough background filler for all of your existing hair to set against. You can use it similarly to taking an eyebrow powder and shading in an all over light background coloring. This can be good for creating the basic shape that you want your brows to be and the first step when intending to work on more detailed work.

2. Eyebrow texturing
When you are looking to change the texture of your brows, techniques like lamination can be done. With these techniques you’ll need to visit an eyebrow stylist who will do these techniques professionally for you. Lamination is a straightening of the pre set hairs so that it creates more volume with what you already have. Other makeup hack techniques such as adding glitter or crystals are another way to change and add texture.

3. Microblading
Microblading is similar to temporarily tattooing individual hairs onto the brow bone as well as darkening the color of the brows. It is best to have a professional esthetician do these exact techniques as they are creating hair line marks that don’t already exist.

3. Removing hair or adding hair
Depending on your unique set of eyebrows, you might find a tendency of wanting to eliminate what you consider excess hair, or you might be trying to add as much volume as possible. Some of the most popular riding tools are tweezers to pluck individual hair to obtain exact shape and dimension. Waxing, sugaring, and threading are popular techniques for getting rid of large amounts of hair in an extremely precise manner. These both pull the hairs from the root preventing the hair from growing back quickly. It is used to also train hair not to grow back as thick as continual removal of the root weakens the growing cycle. Even if a technician waxes or threads, they might also microblade and fill to obtain a very precise shape such as high arches or straight tails.

4. Eyebrow growth serums
As long as thick bushy brows are on trend, people will be interested in grooming and building shape with their brows. Hair growth serums are another way people are trying to add hair to that area along with thick lashes. The eyes have always been one of the most important areas of the face to bring attention to, and learning how to shape and emphasize your unique brows can have a huge impact on your entire face structure.