Everything to Know About Teeth Whitening

A pearly white smile is something that will never go out of fashion. Thankfully, there are more teeth whitening products and clinics that can help turn our coffee-stained teeth into a smile fit for Hollywood. If you have yellowish or discolored teeth, you would want to whiten them, so they sparkle. There are many home methods that help in whitening teeth, too. The following will help you with effective results with home remedies

1. Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening is essentially a process that involves the use of bleaching agents to clean and whiten the teeth. Most products make use of peroxide in the form of a gel. This bleaches the tooth to make it look whiter. This procedure is suitable for those who want their teeth to appear white and shining.

For those who have yellow teeth, this procedure would be very helpful. However, if the teeth have become brownish or gray, then teeth whitening may not produce results.

There are also over the counter products available in the form of strips. They can provide effective results.

The problem with these teeth whitening products is that they use chemicals that can have side effects. Those who have sensitive gums may face problems while using these products. Any product that bleaches can even burn and this is the reason why people opt for natural methods to whiten teeth.

Home methods for teeth whitening

There are different home methods for whitening teeth. They can be used as a safer alternative to commercially available products. Since home methods do not use chemicals, they are safe and do not have side effects.

They are also suitable for people with sensitive gums, who can safely use natural home methods for teeth whitening. There are many such methods available, some are highly effective, while others are moderately effective.

2. Do home methods for teeth whitening work?
A question most people would have is whether home methods work. The answer to this depends on both the type of method used and the person on whom it is used. Some people respond well to home treatment, while in the case of others, effects may be minimal.

When it comes to the effect of home methods, there are certain issues to be kept in mind, including:

  • Active charcoal is recommended to be used as a scrub to whiten teeth. Many testify to the effectiveness of this method. Studies have however shown no evidence for this. Rough use of any scrub can abrade the enamel of the teeth exposing the yellow dentin beneath.
  • Fruits and fruit juices are popular home methods used to whiten teeth. Using acidic fruits can be a problem. The acid in the fruits can wear away the enamel and cause problems.
  • Strawberry is another popular barrier for teeth whitening. Using strawberry to scrub teeth can cause the seeds to be stuck between teeth. This can lead to the growth of plaque.

Therefore it is important to exercise care while using home methods to whiten teeth to prevent any problems.

Those who want to whiten teeth can visit the dentist or try commercial products that bleach the teeth. Those who are concerned about the use of chemicals can try home methods for whitening teeth. Most of these methods avoid chemicals and use natural substances and are hence safe.