Different Eyeshadow Colors Based on Skin Tone

Not every color suits your skin, and the same rings true for eyeshadows. Fortunately, eyeshadows come in almost every color, so there is no limit to your options. This is good news for those who love an array of choices to experiment with or those who are still unsure about which eyeshadow best suits their skin tone. Wearing eyeshadow that complements your skin can work wonders for your overall look and make your complexion glow.

Given below are a few tips on the best colors and pigments of eyeshadow according to your skin tone

1. Fair skin tone
People with this kind of skin tone usually have the most trouble finding a suitable color palette for their eyeshadow. While neutral shades almost completely blend into the skin and are not noticeable, darker hues can make them look ill and bruised. Even more vibrant colors might end up looking too garish on the skin. For this skin tone, a warm and earthy shade of colors is more suitable. Colors like gold and bronze and their various hues like rose gold or champagne are also appropriate and go well together with this kind of skin tone. If you want a little drama for your eyes, you can use a bit of color. Make sure these hues are well blended.

2. Medium skin tone
This skin tone is between fair and dark skin tones, seeming to be more of a beige or slightly tanned color. Warm and illuminating colors and hues are recommended for this kind of skin tone. These colors include tones of bronze and copper and their accompanying shades and hues. Metallic finishes are also an ideal choice for a little bit of extra creative flair.

3. Olive skin tone
Due to their naturally tanned complexion, people with olive skin tones can use both soft and neutral colors or go creative with bold and vibrant hues. With gold and its constituent shades, you can highlight your skin tone more aggressively. With bold shades of green and blue, you can unleash your creative fashion sense and stand out even more prominently. You can apply your eyeshadow dry for a delicate yet chic look. Alternatively, you can also utilize a wet brush for your eyeshadow to get a truly intense and dazzling finish.

4. Dark skin tone
People with a darker skin tone can opt for a completely striking and intense eyeshadow hue. Vibrant colors will enhance the natural beauty of your skin and make you stand out. Using bold colors like purple or indigo would be best for this skin tone, especially when applied wet. Alternatively, you can also use liquid eyeliner with bold colors to complement the eyeshadow being used. For a more reserved look, try neutral hues that go well with your skin tones such as burnt orange or gold. It is also advisable to avoid certain colors and shades that might be too pale for your skin tone and end up making you look dull or ill instead. Colors and lighter shades of blue and green can be replaced with the other hues mentioned above.

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